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O pivovaru

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who we are?

Brief history

Our brewery was established in the buildings originally serving as a malt house and a potato storage house following their reconstruction and extension in 2011 and 2012. The reconstruction was co-funded from an EU grant. The technologies and equipment necessary for a mini-brewery were installed in spring 2012.

Brief history


how to brew beer?

Our technology

The heart of the brewery is a stainless-steel brewing vessel where the entire brewing process begins. The copper-coated vessel has a capacity of one thousand litres. It is equipped with electrical heating and a temperature control system, and all brewing parameters and the entire brewing process are PC-controlled. The exact brewing process and the length of brewing depend on a particular type of beer brewed.

Our brewery has 6 open fermentation tanks with double-walled insulation and an automatic cooling system with separate cooling of each tank. The open tanks enable the brewer to do daily checks, and visitors can see the progress of beer fermentation in its most remarkable stage. For hygienic reasons, the tanks are equipped with covers.

The lager cellar is where beer gets its final taste, intensity, and characteristics. Our brewery has two cooled lager cellars with the total capacity of 28,000 litres (5 tanks with the capacity of 2,000 litres and 18 tanks with the capacity of 1,000 litres). When the lager process which takes several weeks (the exact length depends on the type of beer) has been completed, the beer is ready to be filled into various types of containers. Our non-filtered and non-pasteurized been arrives straight from the tank to our customers. The brewery technology includes other equipment as well – the hot- and cold-water unit, the KEG sanitation unit, the bottle filling unit, etc.

The entire production process, its progress, and individual stages are controlled by a single-purpose industrial central control unit. The brewer operates it using a touch screen located by the brewing vessel. This ensures the maximum quality and compliance with the technological process throughout the brewing and subsequent processing steps. The total capacity of our brewery depends on the frequency of brewing and subsequently on the capacity of the lager cellar, which can be further extended in the future if required. At present, we annually produce approximately 1,500 hectolitres of beer of various types.

Our technology
Our technology


do you want to see?

Brewery tour

If you are interested in seeing the entire brewery technology, you can either choose a short tour with a commentary from the brewer, or you can try brewing beer with us – spend a day watching our brewer at work and participate in the process. Both forms of tour include an explanation of the brewing process. For detailed information and prices, see section “TOUR”.

Brewery tour